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Belgrade to New York
At 18

Nev came far from his humble beginnings. Being born in Serbia, at the age of 18, Nev left his family and moved to the United States with the hopes of starting a new life. 

As a young adult he experienced culture shock when his entire family stayed in Serbia to survive, yet another war, while he lived on-campus in United States; barely getting by. His family was not able to send money for support leaving Nev, who had a limited English-speaking skill, to pay for his own education and living expenses. As a full-time student, working to pay the school bills, Nev earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2 years and 9 months. After college, he went to work at an Ivy League School.

Following the traditional investing advice, Nev lost everything in a market crash. That experience was the best teacher sending him on the quest to find better way to invest that would deem him financially independent in his 30s.

After suddenly losing of his mother, Nev vowed to help others never having to make a difficult choice of spending time with a loved one or going to work to make money. He founded his financial education company 1 Deal Away to empower others to preserve and create wealth and live a life by their own design.

Nev Striking Success
Through Investing

Nev plunged into the real estate, creating a substantial net worth and cash flow. At age 38, he became financially independent and able to retire.

Today, Nev owns many businesses and has expanded his investments into private business holdings. Seeing the need to maximize income, he created a real estate syndication business, where people can get into real estate without all the work. He is the founder of 1 Deal Away, a premier financial and business education company that empowers individuals from all over the globe to create income streams through sound investing and business.

Outside of his businesses, Nev is seen by many as a thought-leader in the personal finance and business strategy world. He shares his knowledge with adults and teens, often teaching pro-bono. He has helped finance many successful enterprises and contributes to many charities.

Nev A Global Influencer
and Coach

Nev’s 20+ years of teaching have helped him become renowned as one of the world’s leading educational and inspirational speakers.

He has a unique ability to simplify large complicated topics into easy to understand and simple to implement action steps. Most importantly, as an artist he has a keen eye to recognize patterns. Combining his artistic skill with his ability to understand the numbers and formulas, has allowed him to accurately predicting the direction of the macro-economy for years.

His years of experience leading seminars and multi-day workshops, have resulted in 100's of presentations and tens of thousands of action takers.

"I love teaching and helping others. There is nothing I would rather do. To help each person learn how to leverage their life and achieve success is incredibly fulfilling. I know that I have done my job when I see my students succeed. When they are finally able to see what I see and feel empowered to improve their lives makes me happy.”

Leading Financial Mentor

Nev is proud to say that his life improved when he met his mentor, Joel Bauer. Joel taught him the are of marketing and presentation. The unwavering support and guidance of how to take care of a student was transformational. It was because of Joel’s love and commitment to his students that Nev is so passionate about being a mentor today.

“It always frustrated me when I signed up to study from someone and instead of teaching, their focus was on selling more. That model is one of the big reasons why I stayed out of the teaching industry for years. The lack of care and content delivery irks me to my core. Joel modeled the type of mentor I want to be: overdeliver and exceed expectations."

"The best gift I can get is a feedback from my students 'Wow, you give so much!' That is my drive and that is what separates me from others in this industry. I give from my heart.”

Man of Many Passions

Nev grew up watching Bruce Lee movies and early in life started his martial arts practice. This early training influenced his business and investment philosophy.

As a teen, Nev started taking ballroom and dancing competitively. As an adult he continued with his dancing passion, working as a dance instructor for a while.

In his early 20s, he became an acomplished painter and having successful exhibits around the U.S., most memorable being in Soho Gallery, New York, NY.

His passion for social justice found him deep within the LGBTQ movement, as an advocate and Drag performer on many top stages. He serves as a spokes person for social justice and diversity. He served on a board of directors for local non-profits and has founded many diversity centers around the country.

In his spare time, he is found composing, painting, dancing, staying active, enjoying nature and traveling.

“My art passions have given me a unique perspective on business and finance. I love to win, but not at all cost. Rather it's about creating a winning strategy for all stakeholders. Investing is like martial arts where a little guy can win using the advantage of being little. Business is like dance. You have to step up an lead. Your confidence allows your partner to follow, knowing you are intertwined and you have to make them look good in order to win. Life is like a painting or a song. With only a few basic colors or notes, you can create a masterpiece.”

Nev is driven by a deep philosophy of achieving fulfillment and self actualization through exploration and contrarian living. 

The Leader of a Global
Financial Education
Movement – Nev

Nev Kraguljevic, better known as Nev K, is a world-class expert in creating a bulletproof financial strategy for long-term success. Teaching tens of thousands of students, he helped create and preserve millions of dollars.

He has studied with the financial and business heavyweights like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, The Real Estate Guys, Donald Trump, Joel Bauer, and many other experts. Because he is so driven to learn the best and safest ways to generate passive income, reduce expenses, think strategically about business and leverage networks for massive success, he relentlessly studies and attends live events.

“Money problems are everywhere. Those that don’t have enough, think that money will solve everything. Those that have a lot, struggle to find ways to continue to preserve wealth and reduce expenses.

But money is not the problem. Money is merely an effect to the bigger, systematic problem, lack of financial education. We are all taught how to work for money and trade time to make it.

A very few know how to generate income and preserve wealth, without having to trade time for it or take large risks. 

Of course, people say you have to leverage money. But not all leverage is created equal. Some leverage you want to avoid. And most people don’t know that. But if you can intelligently leverage of time, money, networks and systems, now you have a key to lifelong sustainable success.”

When it comes to building financial empires through money strategies and intelligent investing, Nev is one of the most sought-after consultants and teachers in the world. His outstanding reputation as an international business and investing strategy authority and real estate expert, has landed him on the stages of all sizes around the globe.

Family Man

Nev is a loving brother and uncle. Even though they live thousands of miles apart, Nev's business and investment strategy, as well as his teachings, are deeply impacted by including and involving his family.

As a result, he connects with the family on regular basis and engages his niece and nephew in building educational content to help teach the kids around the world.

Because of his travels and love of people, Nev has adopted many friends into his family and treats them as blood.

"I am beyond grateful to have friends all over the world. Sometimes years pass before we see each other. But, we are like family, we pick up where we left off, right away. I am blessed to have friendships that transcend distance, age, language, and time. How fortunate am I, to have a home and family on every continent and many countries around the world?! What a blessing I've been given!"

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