Become An Affiliate

Hi there and welcome to 1 Deal Away Affiliate program!

Look, I know how much you love 1 Deal Away programs and offerings.

They have likely helped you a great deal and I want to reward you for telling others about the programs and products we offer, by paying you to tell others about your experience!

How Does It Work?

Fill out the registration form to sign up. Then, log into your account and grab your affiliate link to promote the products. The moment someone you send our way purchases an online course or consulting package, you make a portion of the sale price.

How Much Can You Make?

Well that depends on how many people sign up through your link. Currently, we are paying 35% commission for each referral you make*

Say that you tell 10 people about our program and 1 person signs up for a program selling for $1,000. That means that you get paid $350 just for telling them about it. If you get 10 people to sign up, you could make $3,500 and if you can make that on regular basis, boom, you just got a highly paid gig that does not require much work on your part.

Simply put, the more referrals you make, the more money you can make. 

Why Are We Offering this?

The biggest reason is that we want to fulfill our mission to help more people solve their money and financial problems. And to accomplish that mission:

  1. We need to advertise and get the word out, so that people know we exist (and what we can do).
  2. We can pay Google or we can pay you!

Frankly, Google is wealthy enough and doesn't need our help. Additionally, our mission is people like you, who are hard working, genuine, caring, and overall great people, who can use a bit of help (we all can from time to time). 

You help us get the word out means we help more people. The new folks get something that has a potential to drastically transform their financial life in return for their investment. We generate revenue that we can reinvest in more products and services. You helped someone find a solution to their problem and in the process you earned a healthy commission.

A true WIN-WIN-WIN strategy which is what we always strive for.

Ready to make money while making a difference?

  1. Click "Register" button below
  2. When you're taken to registration page, fill it out and sign up
  3. Then go into "My Account" where you'll see your link, earnings, etc.

*We reserve the right to change the commission rate at any time without prior notice as well as ban affiliates who misuse the program or inaccurately represent the products and services offered.