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Welcome to 1 Deal Away Crypto page, where you can easily connect to cryptocurrency price, news, and videos that will help you stay abreast of this new and thriving asset class.

There is so much that is happening in this world, with prices and news constantly changing and evolving. And while you can attempt to keep up with it on your own, going from page to page, we think a much easier way is to have everything located in one place.

With our ticker to the right, you'll know exactly where the prices are and what's happening with the market cap. If you want to learn more, simply click on the plus sign to quickly display additional information. If you'd like to know even more, our collaboration with CoinGecko will help you with that too. By clicking on the name of the cryptocurrency of choice, you'll be routed to their page, where you can learn more and of course buy or trade.

On the left-hand side, you'll find places where we like to get our news. Simply click on the news provider and you'll be routed directly to them to get the latest news. 

Finally, you'll see the video section, where you can watch and learn even more. These are updated regularly, so I recommend you visit this page often.

We Are Committed To Education

The goal of 1 Deal Away is to give you solid financial education so that you can thrive in today's markets and economy. We do not make recommendations as to what to buy, sell, trade, but rather provide insights and information so many need to make their own decisions. 

To learn how to invest in crypto and potentially make great returns in this bull market, I invite you to enroll in our Crypto 101 Course or you can simply join 1 Deal Away Academy and get all of the courses for one super-low monthly subscription, without long-term commitment or contracts.
- Nev Kraguljevic
Founder, 1 Deal Away

Learn More About BlockChain Technology

Blockchain is what drives the cryptocurrency world, so it's paramount that we keep tabs on what's happening in this world as well. I highly recommend getting our Crypto 101 Course and because we believe so strongly in Blockchain and Crypto, this course is gifted for free to anyone who purchases any other product.

Crypto Videos

Another excellent way to learn and keep up are YouTube Channels. Here are our ecommendations:

Ivan On Tech:

If you are looking for a programmer to explain things to you in plain English (accent and all - takes one to know one), Ivan is your guy.  Super down to earth, accessible and relevant information.

Chico Crypto:

If you are wanting a guy with a sense of humor, short content, and quick overview, Chico is your go-to-channel.

Trading and Indicators

Whether you are a long-term investor type, like Nev, or you prefer to trade, here are some amazing places where you can get some insights. 

First up is Into The Block. This website is a great place to get trading indicators developed for the crypto-world. You'll get insights into markets like never before, with clear images, such as these:

Bitcoin Indicators Image
Bitcoin Buy Sell Indicators

Another place where you can find some significant information and of course have an ability to chart your own course is TradingView. This is an excellent site where you can review charts, graph your own strategies and ways to success. Additionally, you can view other people's theories and see what they are working on. An example would be something like this:

Bitcoin Technical Analysis Chart From Tradingview

As you can see, the world of Crypto is full of information, excitement and development. If you don't know how to use these things or how to position yourself in this market place, we recommend you join our Financial Freedom Academy and the best part is, you can start for FREE!

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