MoneyFesting is the result of the last two decades of Nev Kraguljevic's personal research and work with thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and top CEOs of how to think about money and develop unshakeable philosophy on wealth and success.

Following the blockbuster "From Financially Stressed To Money Blessed" Nev’s fifth book MoneyFesting his most inspired work yet.

Using his personal success story, the good, the bad, and the ugly, Nev details how anyone can use Wealth Creation Triangle System to create financial independence regardless of the economy.

Nev teaches people all over the world how to shift their thinking and create a winning mindset around money and wealth. He inspires and instructs his students to develop winning strategies and identify empowering wealth creation skills.

 As a result, they are able to create generational money shifts and grow happy in their jobs, businesses, or entrepreneurial ventures. Unlike most business and personal finance books that expound on theory, Nev provides hard-hitting knowledge with clear directions on exactly how to make money, keep money, and grow money with confidence. Sharing personal stories readers can identify with, Nev allows his readers to shift their thinking around wealth, so that not only can they create it, but can also celebrate the process.

The book is raw, funny, and exploding with all the techniques Nev learned learning from the top influencers around the world and used himself to become financially independent and one of the most influential educators in the world. His vision is clear; he is on a mission to create more wealth for people around the world, through sustainable and positive money preservation and creation through entrepreneurial, business, and investing ventures.

Who This Book Is For

We all struggle with the lower-self and higher-self. Lower-self is that lazy person we all have that would rather do nothing and is afraid of taking action… that little voice inside that says “you are not good enough” at the exact moment when the universe asks us to step up. The higher-self is that productive person that believes in us, that wants to contribute and achieve, to be prosperous.

Self-motivation and mindset continuously shift. Because of it, sometimes you have more of it and it’s easier to put mind over matter. Other times you have to work it hard, even when you don’t feel like it. Accessing your higher-self, your motivated self, your inspired self is not a destination or a one-time thing. Instead it’s a daily habit that you have to practice relentlessly, if you want wealth and prosperity in your life.

Celebrating Prosperity In Our Lives - Nev Kraguljevic

We all desire more money and a greater prosperity. Not because of the pure love of money, but because what that money can do for us and our family. Because we want to be able to send our kids to the best schools and ensure the best long-term care parents. From accessing best medical practitioners, when we are not well, to taking a break enjoying our well-deserved vacation, are all great reasons for more money.

Yet, everywhere you look, prosperity is attacked. Arguments over what amount of income is considered rich and how to tax the said rich are messages we are fed daily. Without thinking much about it, we jump on the bandwagon of hate. Because we are not happy in our own financial lives and taking a deep look within is much more challenging process, we stoop to blaming others. 

No wonder we are all so screwed up when it comes to money! We are taught to desire and hate it at the same time. But the two cannot exist simultaneously. Only one prevails. And the one that prevails the most is the one that gets us MoneyFesting. The question is, which one will prevail in your life: desire to create a more prosperous life or a hate of prosperity?

Every mountain has multiple sides. And being stuck on one side, you never see the other. Standing on the edge takes courage, but it is the only way to see at least two of the sided. Standing on the top, you can see it all. But getting to the top takes more than just courage. It takes determination and hard work.

If you’re ready to take a deep dive, to be bold, to become determined, and not afraid to do some heavy lifting (mentally speaking mostly), MoneyFesting will open your eyes to the world of possibility, of standing on the edge and walking it all the way to the top.

About The Author

Nev Kraguljevic is a world-class expert in financial education for individuals and businesses alike. With solid business and financial education, over 20 years of experience, overseeing a team of 400 people and managing over $250M in assets, you can count on street-smart advice and thinking.

When it comes to building wealth, Nev is one of the most sought-after consultants in the world.

His outstanding reputation as an international authority and real estate expert has landed him in high demand. 

Are you ready to let go of the old non-supporting habits and energy around money. Do you want to muscle up some courage to stand on the edge of the mountain and take a look at both sides?

If you’re dedicated enough to walk the edge to the top, so you can have a better view of the financial world around you, then this book is for you.

This book is for...

  • The movers and shakers and mad-money makers who are not afraid and not willing to be ashamed about money any longer.
  • Global hustlers working day and night to make things happen.
  • Unconquerable brave souls who are not afraid to take a pill that allows them to see the other side, fully knowing once they see it, it cannot be unseen.
  • Those that are tired of sleepwalking in their lives, tired of the blame-game, tired of the old programming that is ruining their internal operating system and who want to upgrade continuously, so that they can optimize their supercomputer: their brain and thinking power.

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