Money Geeks Podcast

Money Geeks Podcast

As you know I love doing shows to create updates with the market as well as share tips, tools, techniques on how to survive and thrive in today’s crazy economy. Money Geeks Podcast is one of the ways I share what I see in order to prepare for what is coming. We cover current events and strategies you can take to protect your wealth.

In full transparency, I took a bit of hiatus in 2021 to focus on developing new skills in Web3 and crypto development space. In 2022 I have started to create regular shows to talk about what we can expect and how to come on top by the end of the year.

As you may know, I have a YouTube channel, Money Matters with Nev, which I hope you’ll subscribe.

Additionally, I run Money Geeks podcast, where I talk about money, finance, investing and have strong focus on crypto and real estate.

My hope is to grow both channels and reach even more people, so I do hope you will join me in this revolution to shift our wealth and money to support and grow alongside us.

Money Geeks Podcast Update

Money Geeks podcast now allows for you to send me a voice message. I included it in this week’s episode.

Additionally, I have a donation link if that’s of interest to you. I understand that times may be tough and of course, it’s optional, yet if you like what you’re getting consider gifting next time you have ability to do so.

Do join the platforms as FREE Real Estate On The Cheap Mini Challenge is going live in a few short days!

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Until next time, stay forever Money Blessed and I look forward to seeing you around (YouTube, Podcast, or the courses).