New Partnership: We Are With Utrust, Are You?

new partnership

1 Deal Away is proud to announce a new partnership: we are with Utrust, are you?

Yes, we have joined the crypto-craze quite some time ago and have found that Utrust does exactly what we want! What makes them awesome?

  1. They give you flexibility to pay with crypto (ahem, you can spend that puppy now)
  2. We get ability to earn crypto (exactly what we want)
  3. Refunds are easy (just like credit card – safe for you, easy for us)

But we thought you already accepted crypto?!

We did! That merchant allows you to spend crypto but it gives us our fiat currency. While there are advantages to that, we are also crypto-crazy and don’t mind earning our keep in the new digital moolah.

All kidding aside, we are super pumped to partner with Utrust. The set up on the business side is easy. Integration is simple (even for toddler developers), and we believe it will make your process easy.

What I really like about Utrust is that we can still offer refunds. Hey, it happens. You change your mind, product is not right for you. Those are things that are important to our students and important to me. This is a huge win.

– Nev, Founder, 1 Deal Away

With Utrust, you can still get all of the courses and books, without a credit card. Your digital wallet and a simple scan and it’s done.

So yeah, we got a new partnership and we are with Utrust, are you?