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The Fastest Way to Profits

is to know exactly what you're doing, where to look and have years of experience. The very next best method is to work with someone has this experience and that is what this is really about.

Look, the course itself is absolutely amazing. Yes, I know I might be a bit biased given I created it, but it's not just me who is saying that. My students are raving about it. Even with unlimited access and being able to watch multiple times, most of my students have found it very helpful for me to spend some time with them to go through their first deal together. 

Now to be clear, I won't be going to the auction with you, but I can help you prepare for it. We can go through the deals you found, talk about what research you've done or considered, talk through what the auction may be like, set up strategy for the bidding, and so on. Post auction and hopefully a success story from it, I can help you work on your flip, from listing and marketing, to which things to think through and professionals to work with.  

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Please understand, my time is highly valuable and precious to me and I simply don't have enough time to offer to everyone. But, I want you to be successful and so I'm making a very special offer.

Currently, I charge $1,000.00 per hour and people gladly pay it. WHY?

Well, if one hour call can help save weeks, months or potentially even years worth of trial and error and in the process save tens of thousands of dollars, it's well worth it.  It would be silly not to invest a bit of time and money to speed up the process and preserve great wealth. And that is why people do it.

And if you think that investing in education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.

What others had to say

Nev has helped me completely transform my business. I'd give him 6 stars if I could. In a few short hours, my entire business pivoted and I had perfect clarity of what I had to do and how to execute it. Within a few months I was able to increase my revenue by 400% while simultaneously eliminating clients that are simply too challenging to work with. So, I'm working less, making more, and people I work with I absolutely adore! Nev saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and likely decades of my life.

Anna B.

Business Owner

I've attended a fair share of seminars and private coaching's, but booking a couple of hours with Nev was the absolutely best decision I have ever made. He went through every step of the evaluation process with me before my first auction. If it wasn't for him doing that, I don't think I would have ever gone into an auction and that would have been a mistake.

Sasha P.


The amount of things and business processes that Nev was spinning at me was amazing. It was so valuable to have someone like him to bounce my ideas with and I will tell you, he knows his stuff. Thanks to working with Nev we booked a very big client and are on schedule to have the best year ever.

Jack R.


I knew what I wanted to create, but I had no clue which direction to go in. Nev explained everything so simply, using common language. He's patiently listened to me and offered me priceless advice. He saved me tens of thousands of dollars at least and I'm beyond grateful.

Steven S.

Web3 Business Start Up

Nev has worked with us for a few years now. During that time he not only helped us make tens of millions of dollars, but he saved some from some very costly events too. His creativity and knowledge are so vast. Frankly given the results he's created for us over years, he should charge at least double than what he is charging now... 

Dashawn S.

VP Business Affairs

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