Do you have experience starting, running, and operating a business?

Are you an experienced trader, broker, or niche investor?

Do you have a network of people who want to learn and grow?


Do you have experience starting, running, and operating a business?

Are you an experienced trader, broker, or niche investor?

Do you know a lot of people who want to learn and grow?

Unlock Your Inner NEV Wealth Cycle

The NEV Wealth Cycle is a concept and philosophy pioneered by Nev. It is the pillar on which Nev's businesses, programs, and teachings are built upon.

The Cycle acknowledges that everyone is at a different point in their journey and that each of our journeys is and should be different. It showcases the important stages of education qualification concept, business expansion, residual income growth, and gives clarity to moving forward.

Even though, success is never an overnight experience, it can be achieved faster with clarity and correct action steps and strategies.


Network is the crucial component of learning and maximizing ongoing revenue and income. To grow wealth and business, we must connected with people and systems.

The main focus is connection expansion to leverage skills and growth.


To be relevant mentor must have experience in their chosen field and must have a proven track record within that industry. To grow faster, we must learn from those who came before us

The main focus is to effectively leverage other people knowledge and resources.


For every venture to be profitable, a proper vehicle is required; a delivery mechanism for learning, teaching, investing, and any other wealth and business growth venture.

The main focus is on mechanisms to deliver learning and return on investment.

Live, Love, Laugh & Help Others

The Key To Success

Getting into a business or investing can be a lot of work. If you don't know what you're doing, it can be very scary and incredibly risky.

As an experienced investor and business owner, you already know that. You have likely spent a lot of money and time to learn and gain real-life experience.

After years of successfully running and operating your business (and I consider serious, full-time investors as business owners, as well), you may be finding yourself wanting to help others and paving the way for others to follow in your footsteps. We all can learn so much from each other and become leaders by sharing our expertise. 

If you love what you do, have years of experience and have generated results, congratulations. You may be a perfect individual to join 1 Deal Away faculty and expand your network. Sharing your expertise is not only fulfilling but also lucrative. Becoming a faculty, you are able to unlock the network wealth in your life, through residual income.

If you have found yourself wanting to share your knowledge, experience and thinking methodology with others, change lives, and improve the world by creating even more successful leaders, business owners, and investors, I invite you to join 1 Deal Away.

You have experience to deliver your message. 1 Deal Away offers a vehicle for that delivery and a network of highly successful professionals and purpose-driven students. 

Topics We Teach

Unlock The Doors For Others

As you likely know and have seen on the website, we focus on 4 main components: Mindset, Money, Business, Investing.

If you have experience in helping others create a winning mindset, allowing them to think differently about success with money, business, investing, finance, you may be a great fit for us.

Successful investors and traders who focus on different strategies and platforms, may discover that teaching at 1 Deal Away could be a great way to help others in this venture. 

Finally, if you have a business or solid business experience, whether you built it from the ground up or purchased and turned around, this platform may be a great way to pass on your knowledge to others. 

Who do we work with?

Accountants, lawyers, financial planners, business owners, investors and traders, authors and marketing experts, entrepreneurs and influencers. Being an ethical professional, with expertise in your industry and a passion to teach and help others is required. Don't worry if you don't know how to teach yet. It's a skill that can be taught and learned.

If you are open to learning, growing, and sharing what you know, 1 Deal Away could be your new tribe. If you are looking to make residual income and leverage your knowledge, 1 Deal Away could be a great path towards that objective.

Shared Wealth

Expand Your Potential

Whether you are a current student, affiliate marketer, or just looking for a side gig to generate residual income is a good idea. Partnering with 1 Deal Away is a great way to accomplish that task.

Very few schools and businesses offer referral opportunities and we simply believe that it's a good way to do business. Benefiting the entire network is the key to long-term success and it gives ability for all to unlock the power of network wealth.

Help others find solutions to their money problems and make money along the way.


Simply click on the button below and register. 

Podcast Guest Request

Extend Your Reach

Not quite sure whether teaching, speaking, or being on a call or in front of the camera is for you?

Want to test your skills and share your knowledge in a bite-size format, to decide whether you enjoy the process of sharing your expertise with others?

Are you a successful student who wants to tell the world about your experience with our program?

Be a guest on The Nev Show. Get your 30 minutes of fame and potentially reach millions of listeners around the world. This strategy unlocks the network wealth and gives you additional exposure.

Being on the show is free. The only requirements are that you are on time for the scheduled recording, that you have expertise or experience with 1 Deal Away or Nev, and that you are willing to share what you know.