Become A Self-Published Author


What’s In The Course?

  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently write your book
  • Discover how to self publish your work
  • Use tools and your learning modality to write a book in weeks
  • Deliver your book to your clients and prospects
  • Wow your audience with what’s been inside you this whole time
  • Save time and effort in publishing your book



Do you dream of writing a book or have an idea that is so good that you can barely contain yourself?

It has been said that 82% of adults dream of writing a book! Yet, a vast majority of them never bring their dream into a reality.

I always wanted to write a book. In fact, I started well over dozen books in my head, only to stop dead in my tracks, staring at a blank computer screen. The cursor blinking at me on the blank page gave me anxiety. I would get a couple of pages and quickly give up as I found the process arduous.

I didn’t have a clue about what’s possible and different ways to do it. The mere thought of finding a publisher and searching online, gave me headache. Although the dream of writing and publishing remained a dream, I let it stay asleep.

Until a life altering event that came into my life that made me make a promise I could never go back on that I would help people however I could. Around the same time, I came upon some information that allowed me to keep good on my promise and write and publish my own book. And I did it in a few short months (from an idea to the finished product).

Since then, I have written 5 books in 14 months! My first book ranked number 1 and it helped many people.

Since then, I have been asked time and time again, how do I do it and so quickly and if I would reveal my process.

If you’re thinking about writing a book and don’t know how to go about it and do it quickly, Become An Author course is for you!

What’s In The Course?

Become An Author course will help you:

  • Understand 3 different ways that exist when writing a book
  • Discover how your brain works and which of the 3 methods will work the best for you
  • Turn your idea and thinking into an actual product
  • Decide whether you want to find a publisher and self-publish
  • Know how to self-publish your book in a few easy steps
  • Find a good printer and designer for your books
  • Think through ways that you can offer the book for others and in what formats
  • Speak the printing lingo to get the book you actually want
  • How to turn your book into a money making machine and lead generation
  • Create your book into multiple products for multiple streams of income

Whether you are looking to write a fictional novel or a non-fiction instruction manual, this course will help you make it happen.

Following my process, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently go from an idea to the finished product that you can gift to others.

Whether you want to get speaking gigs or more clients, having a book will separate you from the crowd and as such turn more leads into customers. Instead of explaining what you do and how, over and over again, you’ll be able to simply hand the book and instruct them to read it.

Books can be a great way to make additional income, passively. They are also excellent marketing tools for any business.

Why Should I Take This Course?

Traditional teaching of how to write a book don’t work for many people. They take too long and the process itself can feel miserable for most. Most traditional ways to write a book can take months, even years of writing before you either give up or finish the process.

Become An Author course, cuts down time from months to weeks. No more hours spent staring at a blank screen. No more web surfing that turns into drowning, trying to learn the lingo and where to go and how to do it.

Simply get the course, invest in yourself and your learning. Watch a few instructional and inspirational video. Follow the steps and you’ll be well on your way of becoming an author.

Wow your friends and family. Create unbelievable value to your clients and prospects. Separate yourself from the crowd by simply offering a book at your next networking event, instead of the same borring business card everyone has and nobody wants.

Get the course today and start learning right away!