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  • Start and manage your own business
  • Level up your personal finance skills
  • Become a published author and use it as a marketing tool
  • Invest in real estate leveraging multiple strategies
  • Invest in Crypto
  • Invest in precious metals
  • And so much more…

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Welcome to The Academy!

For months, students wanted to access everything on 1 Deal Away and have been asking about the potential or possibility to have an academy where they can take all of the different courses offered on the site for one amazing price!

Access Every Course EVER Created...

and those to be created yet, without long-term commitments or contracts, all for one super-low monthly payment.

Whether you want to take 1 course or take them all, you can study at your own place and implement as you go, mixing and matching exactly what you need to create your own unique strategies. 

1 Deal Away Academy includes the following:

  • Basics of starting and operating a business
  • How to write and publish a book
  • Money management technique for better and simpler budgeting
  • Eliminate your bad debt faster
  • Learn more about blockchain technology
  • Find out how to invest in crypto
  • Improve your overall financial knowledge and net worth
  • Learn more about your credit score and student loans
  • Uncover important information regarding insurance
  • Plan better for retirement
  • Maximize tax liability reduction strategies and lower you taxes, legally
  • Multiple strategies of how to invest in real estate
  • Investing in precious metals and collectables
  • and so much more
  • You receive so much for a tiny monthly investment in yourself and your own education!

  • Don't like it, no problem. You can cancel anytime.
  • 7 Days For FREE

  • As you can see, you have so little to lose and so much to gain. Simply click the button below and let's the magic begin!
  • What The Students Had To Say:

Flip It Online Master Class is my favorite! I can't believe the amount of detail Nev has gone into and time he took to explain everything. And you know, I took these online classes before and let's be honest, most are not that good. But Nev went above and beyond. Everything he said would be in the class was there and then some. I was in awe of what he delivered compared to the cost. 

Sandy M. // Business Owner

Getting the basics of how money works was crucial to turn my life around. I went from scarred and broke to knowing exactly what to do and how. I actually know exactly when I'll be debt free and now I'm planning on getting into my first investment. Eeeek!

Janae S. // Administrator

As a college senior these classes were very important to prepare me on how I should be with my money. I'm pretty good already, but this opened my eyes. I like my major and my classes, but by far, Nev is the absolute best instructor our there. Wish I could give you 6 stars, you changed my life!

Shawn D. // College Student

What's Included?

Every course that has ever been created within 1 Deal Away is part of the academy!

So, whether you want to learn more about starting your own business, improving profitability within the business, become an author and use that book as an ethical bribe in your marketing campaign, figure out how to manage your money better (without using budgets), eliminate debt (including student loans), invest in real estate utilizing many different strategies (there are quite a few out there), leverage cryptocurrencies and other assets like precious metals, ALL of that is and will be part of the academy. 

Combined you are looking at days worth of educational video content plus downloads and additional tips. The academy has a combined value of well over $50,000!

No seriously! I have seen it and heard it myself. Many of the real estate courses, that teach a fractions of what you get here, will charge you easily between $5,000 and $25,000. We have four different courses offered here, all to do with real estate. Business courses are equally, if not even more expensive, ranging between $15,000 to $50,000 or more. 

If you were to try traditional education (oh and by the way, they don't teach this in college, not even grad school) you'd easily be looking at approximately 3,000-15,000 PER COURSE! And you'd get mostly theory, that frankly doesn't work most of the time. They teach you to need fish, we teach you how to fish!

What's The Cost?

To enroll in The Academy is FREE.

That's right! You get 7 days absolutely free. If you love what you see, and I'm certain you will, just keep on coming back and learning. If, for whatever reason, you find that these courses are not for you, simply cancel within 7 days and you won't be charged a penny.

Basically, I take all the risk, you reap all the reward... if I don't deliver, you walk away having spent absolutely NOTHING!

For ONLY $1.67 per day you get to learn how to hack money and potentially make insane returns on your investment!

Let's take a look at one of our real estate courses, Flip It Online Master Class. In that course I will teach you how to find and buy deeply discounted properties and then flip them online, without doing any rehab, for potential 3-5 times you investment. Occasionally, my students and I have been able to achieve as much as 10X return on just 1 Deal!!! 

Or how about the Crypto 101 course, where you'll learn how to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Perhaps you'll learn how to avoid high risk situations, like keeping your digital assets on an exchange. If you had enrolled in my program and listed to me in February 2020, your Bitcoin purchase could have given you roughly 3 times return on your initial investment. on annual basis, we are talking about 1,543% APY (no, that's not a typo, it is over 15 times your money).

So, now I have a question for you!

Is $1.67 worth learning HOW to do this and potentially make these returns?

Basically, are you willing to trade a small-size gas-station cup of coffee to radically change your financial life?

If the answer is YES, I believe you are highly intelligent.

Just click the subscribe button and I'll see you on the other side.