Flip It Online Course



  • Acquire property in USA for pennies on the dollar
  • Can invest from anywhere in the world
  • No need to travel to the property
  • All online – from research and acquisition to sale
  • No need for a team
  • No need to fix
  • Sales start as low as $1,500
  • Undeveloped or developed properties
  • Ridiculously high returns
  • Does not require a lot of time
  • Super low risk
  • Potential passive income strategy and tax reduction



Traditional Fix'n'flips Are Hard!

Have you always been wanting to invest in real estate but you stopped dead in your tracks every time you look at the work it takes, the team you'll need to have, and the money required to put down just to purchase it?

Perhaps you've watched a show or two on flipping real estate and you understand that money can be made. So, you hear a guy (sometimes a gal) on the radio or TV spot invite you to a FREE event where they'll tell you exactly what do to.

You know, the "come to the live event to learn how to invest in real estate where we'll teach you for FREE"... where you show up and it's nothing but a pitch fest?!

You really want to learn... you see the checks they show you on a fancy slide show... and you sign up!

You attend the paid event, often live, by locking yourself for 2-3 days into a seminar room and take copious notes. They teach you the techniques of what to do...

Buy a property that is in distress... get a team to fix and improve it or you can do it yourself... then list it and BOOM, you make money!

It all sounds good and it's making perfect sense.

You go home and start giving it a try! You mail letters, make phones calls, purchase lists... Months go by...

And then, you discover that owner after owner is, well, not responding to your offers.

You wonder whether you are not capable of doing this thing. You go and check your notes and you've been following them. You start wondering whether perhaps you missed something or your note taking ability wasn't as good. 

At this point you either give up, or...

You conclude that the owners are not idiots after all and they know the value of their property and won't sell it to you for $10,000, when it's valued at well over $100,000.

I mean after all, they too have access to Zillow and Trulia, right?! So now you give up, or...

You are stubborn and decide you will drive around every weekend and find this deal everyone is talking about.

Weeks go by and nothing happens. Now, you are ready to give up and forget all about it. But before you do, you decide to do one more thing...

And then, you magically find the deal! 


You do some quick math... and you figure out that in order to get this "deal" they are telling you, you'd need to have at least 20-35% of the purchase price for the down payment. This can mean between $15-40,000 on the super low end and it only goes up from there. 

Then you'd need to qualify for a loan, whether traditional or hard-money they told you about. Then you'd need at least another $10-20,000 or more to fix the place (between materials and the crew you need to hire).

And then, about 3-6 months later... that is IF the crew shows up diligently and IF there are no surprises and everything goes according to the plan (which it never does) and IF the weather plays along, you can actually list the property for sale.

Then, you have to have a realtor to list it and have to wait for this buyer who is willing to purchase this place at the price you offered, because if you go any lower, you lose!

And all along, while you own this property, there are bills to pay!

The contractor wants to be paid. The lenders wants their money every month. The supplies are not free. And surprises are always costlier than you originally thought.

So now, 6-9 months later of managing, stressing, paying, directing, selling you FINALLY get it sold and walk away with maybe $10,000 in profit.


But what did that money cost you? Your health is down the drain; your blood pressure is up and stress levels were through the roof. You didn't sleep for months. You worried sick and you gained weight too. You ruined nearly every relationship you ever had because your fuse got shorter and you yelled at everyone and everything.

And what, you turned your $40,000 into $50,000 in maybe 9 months (if things went well for you). And in the process you destroyed your health and relationships.

But What If There Was A Better Way?

Where you can look at what's being offered. Do a quick research. Click the button to buy it. And then click another one to sell it.

No team. No driving around or embarrassing yourself by sending ridiculously low offers no one accepts. No lenders. No crew to manage. No fence to paint.

And, you get a property valued at say $500,000 for the same $40,000 and then you sell it at a cool 3-5 times, sometimes even 10 times your initial investment in only a few months!

No yelling. No managing. No hammer or paint brush to pick up. No stress. No destroyed health or relationships!

All done from the comfort of your home... in your PJs if you want.


Do these things really exist? If so, then this is investor's paradise!

Welcome to Flip It Online Course!

Hi, my name is Nev Kraguljevic and I am delighted to assist you in getting into this very unique and amazingly profitable real estate investing strategy!

This is the strategy that I have used to quickly accumulate cash and get myself out of destructive debt and is the strategy I still use to increase my income. 

It is super simple and easy to implement. Of course, you'll need to take some time to learn and you'll need to take some action... it will not magically just happen... and it definitely won't be overnight. 

So, it's not a get rich quick scheme where you do nothing and money just magically appear. You have to do some work (mostly online) and you'll have to have some initial capital to get started.

But, it is a relatively speaking fast path to profits, all through one of the best, if not THE best asset classes in the world: Real Estate.

The best part is that you'll get some AMAZING deals at about 80-99% discount that you can then flip online fast (of you can keep it, if you want).

If you are looking for:
  • great property
  • ability to obtain it online
  • hold it, develop it, rent it, or flip it
  • low entry point (cost and time wise)
  • fast and easy sale
  • great returns

this course may be just what you've been searching for and this strategy is likely for you!

If you don't:
  • have a team or want one
  • have a lot of experience
  • want to risk or simply have a lot of money to invest
  • desire to write endless letters to find a deal
  • wish to drive around neighborhoods to locate the perfect property that you can buy
  • want to fix or repair the place and don't want to hire anyone else to do it either

then this strategy and course may be perfect for you!

Who is this for?

  1. Newbies looking to get started to make money quickly, with super low risk, super low entry price, super fast returns, and really high profit points.
  2. Experienced investors who are looking for more deals, faster and at a great ROI (return on investment)

What is required to be successful with this strategy?

  1. Computer with internet access
  2. Ability to take directions and follow them
  3. Willingness to learn
  4. Around $1,000-2,000 cash (to obtain the investment)... if you have more, that's even better as you can get more and better deals
  5. A few hours to learn and implement

What Results Are Possible?

You may be thinking to yourself:"Great, I'm definitely fitting the bill here! I can do this! But, what results can I expect and how fast?"

I can't guarantee what you will make! That's simply impossible, for multiplicity of reasons.

For one, I don't know who you are and I don't know how motivated and driven you are.

I don't know what your financial picture is or how quickly you can learn or what you'll find or whether you'll even follow the instructions as prescribed.

So, there is A LOT of unknown for me and giving you specific THIS IS WHAT YOU'LL MAKE would be a lie and...

I don't want to lie nor lead you down the wrong path. So, I can't give you a specific answer.

What I can tell you is what is possible and what I've done through my strategy!


I've done dozens of these deals and keep doing them and will continue to do them. I have been able to obtain properties on average for about $2,500 and then sell them online for anywhere between $7-20,000 in a few short months.

On annual basis the number is SO RIDICULOUSLY LARGE that I fear you'll call me a liar if I post it... but for those of you that know how to do this, you'll figure out it quickly! 

I rarely talk about the returns because they SOUND SO UNREAL! Yet, it's the truth.

Total number of hours spent (from start to finish) is about 7 hours per deal.

Would you be OK with working about 7 hours to make RIDICULOUSLY HIGH PROFIT and all you got to do is Flip It Online???

What's In The Flip It Online Course?

If you've gotten this far, chances are pretty good that a) you have above average intelligence and can see the power this has for you and b) you believe to be a great candidate for this course. You likely feel that this is something you can do and that you meet the requirements for success.

Now, you probably have a question of  what's actually in this course, right? So, let's go module by module what's in it and what you can expect to learn:

Module 1:

In this module you will learn more about who I am, what the strategy is in detail, how it all works and why investing in it will give you not only insane profits, but also fulfillment of contributing to not just yourself and your family, but to others.

Module 2:

In this lesson you'll receive tactical and technical training. We will cover where to get the best deals and how. We'll cover due diligence research, so that you know what you're getting and what options you have. Before you get scared, please know that it's simple and I will guide you through the process step by step.

Module 3:

This module is all about property research and going deeper into how to ensure you are not buying a dud or as I like to call BAD DEAL! No one wants one of those. By the end of this module you will know exactly what to look for and everything you absolutely MUST KNOW before you invest any of your money into it.

Module 4:

For this module we will focus on pricing your property correctly. We will go into financial analysis. This process requires simple math and you can use calculators, so need to panic if math is not your strong suit. As long as you know how to use a calculator, know that 7 is smaller than 9, and know how to follow instructions, you'll do just fine! By the end of the module, you will know exactly what your maximum price can be for each property in order to make profits and quick sale.

Module 5:

This particular lesson is all about marketing and positioning. We all know that getting something is a much simpler process than selling it. So this lesson focuses on how to not just PRICE the property for profit and quick sale, but also POSITION it properly so that you have many of people bidding for it. Yes! I will teach you how to get people to actually BID THE PRICE UP as oppose to you having to keep lowering the price in order to sell it. Sounds crazy I know, but it works.

Module 6:

In this module we will focus on how to post and monitor your sale, what things to watch out for and avoid, things that you absolutely must do, and of course best practices for success. By the end of this lesson, you will know how to sell the property and collect the money.

Module 7:

This is a wrap up module that goes briefly over everything we've covered in the past 6 lessons. This will be a summary and wrap up of the course and going into "what's next" and how to scale your venture.

As you can see, we cover A LOT of information in this course and it is a complete course. You don't need to buy anything else to be successful with this strategy. Sure, there are things that can complement your learning and financial strategy and many people end up getting a few additional programs, but it is not necessary.

Now if you thought to yourself, this is an INSANE VALUE, you are right. But I'm not done yet!

Deliverables and Bonuses:

Because I want you to be successful, you will not only receive the above stated training, you will also get:

BONUS #1: Recap & Resources (Value $3997)

  • No need to take copious notes, although I recommend them
  • Full recap of each module in a download form
  • Resources of where to buy and list your property
  • Glossary of Real Estate Investing terms

BONUS #2: Success BluePrint (Value $997)

  • Step by step action plan of what you need to do when
  • It's like a flight plan with check boxes to ensure you got everything right and increase your success quotient
  • Easy to check boxes as you're down in the trenches implementing

BONUS #3: Marketing Swipe Files (Value $12497)

  • You don't need to learn coding or go to a design school to get it right.
  • Take out my stuff, plug in your stuff and post.
  • HTML code + HOW TO training
  • Save a BOAT LOAD on software and designers
  • Save at least 5 days of work or more
  • Eliminate testing and trying
  • No more designers or techies or purchasing software

BONUS #4: Legal Documents (Value $18500)

  • Save a TON of time and money buy having actual legal documents
  • Deed
  • Contracts
  • Payment instructions
  • Communication emails

BONUS #5: Marketing Training (Value $7997)

  • Make awesome photos of your property so it stands out
  • Create video of your property using this simple technique
  • Save time and money
  • Make your property stand out and sell for more

BONUS #6: Private Student Group Access (Value PRICELESS)

  • Connect with other like-minded people.
  • Create business or accountability partnerships.
  • Talk out your deals with others who are doing the same thing you are and learn together.

TOTAL VALUE (bonuses alone) $43,998

But Don't take my word for it...

See what the students had to say...

Sandy A

Nev's program is awesome and he's delivering tons of great content to us RE investors.

- Sandy   

Eric L

Nev showed us a way of putting a little bit of money and making 5 to 6 figure income.

- Eric   

Even if I fail 3 times and on the 4th make it happen, I can cover all my initial investments + this course and still come ahead!

- Derek   

Now you're left with 1 final question to answer: 

Will You Give Yourself Permission To Change Your Life?

There are 2 types of people in the world:

  1. Those that have reasons (also known as excuses)
  2. Those that have results

The folks in the first group have millions of reasons why things don't or won't work, but they never get busy doing the work or even attempting it.

The individuals in the second group rarely have excuses... they are busy getting the results.

Which one are you? 

Choose the right group, add the course to your arsenal of wealth building strategies and let's get you ready to Flip It Online.