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Gift card is a perfect items you can get for yourself or others when you are unsure of what exactly you wish to get right now. 1 Deal Away gift card is better as it not only gives a value to the loved one, but it gives them access to premier financial education products and services.

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Gift card is a perfect solution when you are uncertain what to get someone and you really want to surprise them. 1 Deal Away gift card is special as it allows the recipient to get so much more than the mere value on the card. With this card, they get access to premier financial education that can help them solve their money problems, from improving their financial literacy and understanding to acquiring businesses and assets.

Our gift card can be purchased as a gift for someone else, or you can use it for your self as a method to save up for the courses.

Gift Card As A Saving Method

Say that you are really interested in the products and services we offer, but you can’t quite afford it at this very moment. Just like you can DCA (dollar cost average) into your investments but purchasing the same amount on regular basis, you can do that with our gift card.

For example, let’s assume that you like a particular course that is currently selling for $100, but you don’t have $100 right now. However, you do get paid every 2 weeks and from each paycheck you can afford to put aside $25 towards your education. Each paycheck you purchase $25 gift card for your self. In 2 months you would have accumulated the necessary $100 for the course and you can now use your saved up gift cards to enroll into the course and get the information you want and need.

You may be thinking, “Well, I can just put that money into the savings account and then make the purchase.” And you’d be right, you absolutely can. However, if you are like a majority of people, you make that commitment today, but then Friday night rolls around and your checking can’t cover the expense of going out, so you tap into your savings. Next thing you know, your savings account doesn’t have nearly as much as you had hoped for.

On the other hand, when you purchase our $25 gift card you are committing to your education right now and you can’t spend that money on anything but education. So, it prevents your in-the-moment self from tapping into the cash that you had planned to use for a different purpose.

What Can You Buy With Your Gift Card?

You can use your gift card just like you would use cash or credit card and apply it in part or in full towards your purchase. Whether you are wanting to enroll into a course, buy a book, sign up for coaching, or get some swag, you can use your gift card. If the amount of your investment is larger than the amount on your gift card, you would pay the difference. If your gift card value is higher than the item you are getting, it will apply the necessary amount and the remainder will stay on your card balance for next time.

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