Money EMT


Money struggles are real.

In this book, you will learn:
  • How to eliminate your debt
  • Why debt elimination is important
  • What kinds of debt actually exist (yup, more than 1)
  • How to manage your money better
  • To give your money purpose in life
  • Correct way to plan for career change and starting a business
  • New way to think about retirement

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Are you struggling financially? Do you want to save your money from dying and save it’s life? Consider Money EMT Book.

You are a good person. Every school lesson you took to heart and followed. Perhaps you have one or multiple college degrees and a great job. Income is good, but somehow you never seem to have enough money. Debt is high. Expenses are accumulating. And mere thinking about putting money away for your future makes you anxious.

I understand!

My name is Nev.

I wrote this book for people like you: smart, caring, loving, hard-working people with families, businesses, careers, and dreams of living a life without financial stress.

Not that long ago, I was struggling to make my financial ends meet. I was drowning in debt, frustrated with the fact that there was always a bit more days than dollars.

Being a determined person that I am, unwilling to give up, I found a solution.  It was easy, simple, and automatic. Next thing you know, this kid that came to the USA with only $3,500 in his pocket and a dream, transcended his financial stress. Not only did I eliminate my debt, I eventually became financially independent, a few short years later.

If you are in a need to figuring out a solution to your money problems and your problems are struggling with debt and lack of proper money management, then this book is for you.

In this book, you will learn how to:
  • Eliminate Your Debt
  • Manage Your Money
  • Transcend Financial Stress
  • Create financial plan for your career change or business start-up
  • Plan for retirement

Written in a light and amusing language, this book takes a serious and sometimes depressing topic into a fun conversation with an author.

Between the comic feedback the author gives himself and the interesting drawings he decided to put into this book, you will be entertained as well as educated.

Who said that money and financial solutions have to be all business and no play?! Just because it’s serious business it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and Nev ensures that his audience can enjoy the process of learning important message of wealth preservation.

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