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Getting your personal financial statement in order is the first step towards financial freedom, but what is it? Let’s uncover what a personal financial statement is and how to get it.

What is a Personal Financial Statement?

A personal financial statement is a document or spreadsheet outlining your financial position at a certain point in time or during specified period of time. There are two specific financial statements:

  • Income Statement,
  • Balance Sheet,

Often times, when a banker or a loan officer asks you for your financials or your financial statement, they are looking for balance sheet in particular.

Balance Sheet

This is a form of a financial statement that includes information regarding your assets (cash, investments, etc.), liabilities (loans, credit card debt), and then provides you with your net worth by calculating the difference between the two (assets minus liabilities). Balance sheet is often used to track overall financial performance during set periods of time, typically annually for individuals. It’s a measurement of how well you are doing and by comparing them over time, you get an insight into how well you are managing your wealth.

To create your own balance sheet, simply add all your assets one the left hand side of the sheet. Then add all the liabilities on the right hand side of the sheet. The difference between the two is your net worth, or how much money you are left with if you paid off all your liabilities.

Income Statement

Income statement is another type of personal financial statement that tracks your income and expenses. It let’s you know whether you are spending more than you earn. While balance sheet shows us overall wealth, income statement tracks how money is coming to us and how it leaves. Basically, it tells you how you earn and pend money. Income statement is very useful in planning our budgets and making sure that we are keeping on track with our spending, saving and investment plans. They are typically done on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

To create your own income statement, add all your income on the top of the sheet. Then underneath it add all your expenses for the same month. Deduct expenses from your income and you are derived with net income or profit. In instances where your expenses exceed your income, you are left with net loss.

Your personal financial statement

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