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Want To Win Cool Stuff?

Hi there!

Nev with 1 Deal Away here,

Welcome to the Un-Boxing Challenge and Congratulations on getting your box!

I hope you're excited about it, because I absolutely am.

I love playing games and always have... but I don't like to lose and I never enjoy when those I'm playing with lose as well. So, even as a kid I would make up win-win games and that's exactly what I have created here in this Un-Boxing Challenge. 

So, if you are like me and you love winning and making others win too, then read up (you can also watch the video I made).

You have just received a pretty awesome box, yes?!

And you saw my, rather obvious, message to jump onto this page and learn how you can win things...

I presume that's why you're here and if that's the case AWESOME!

Are you ready for the Un-Boxing Challenge?!

Here's what you'll need to do to qualify and enter your name for a chance of winning some pretty cool things. Follow the steps below.

OMG, I nearly forgot to tell you what you could win?

There are all kinds of cool prizes ranging from hotel and restaurant vouchers, Amazon and Starbucks gift cards, 1 Deal Away swag, books, vacations, free courses and coaching... ranging in value form $20 up to $5,000 or more. So, you'll definitely want to put your name in the drawing hat and below steps will tell you exactly how!

Action Steps To Enter The Drawing


Register As An Affiliate

As a student and a receiver of this box, you automatically qualify to become an affiliate of 1 Deal Away. 

You are probably enamored with what we do and what we stand for and you've been telling all your friends, family, associates, and everyone you know about what you're learning and how awesome it is. So, why not make some money alongside?

You DO NOT have to become an affiliate to enter to win...

but it's a cool step in the process, if you'd like to make some money while you put your name in the hat for the prizes.

What Do You Get As An Affiliate?

Great question. As an affiliate, you will get your own private link, which you can (and should) share with others and generate 50% of the sales that come through that link.

You can promote ALL of On Demand products currently on 1 Deal Away as well as any future programs that are created. 

You can also promote physical products currently available as well as those that will be coming in the future (books, software, bundles, home study courses, and of course this challenge).

So, you get to share your passion and love for 1 Deal Away, enjoy the products and services we offer, and make some money telling everyone about it. Pretty awesome, right?

This box is offered at $100 + shipping and handling ($19.95), so with each sale from your link, you will get $50 (shipping and handling goes to the post office to mail this puppy their way).

When folks decide they want this box (and all the goodies that are in it), they will have an opportunity to sign up for other cool stuff. When they do, you get 50% of that sale as well.

So sign up, it's free!



Record Yourself Opening The Box & Post It Online

You are likely itching to get into the box and see what you got, am I right?

Okay, so turn on your camera and record yourself opening the box and displaying items as you find them. You can either go live, or record and post afterwards. 

You will want to show some excitement and enthusiasm and feel free to get rather creative with the whole process and don't be afraid of the emotions. 

Your video is what will help you qualify in winning a prize, so you'll want to be excited and genuine. 

Share what this can do for you and your family and how you will use what's in the box.

Finally, post the video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Minds or any other social media platform you like to use and feel free to post to all of them (more platforms will give you more points and get you that much closer to potentially winning).

Underneath your post (or in the description) make sure to share your affiliate link (see Step 1) so that as folks decide to get a box of their own, you can get 50% of the sale.


Share Your Posting Links

When your post is online, make sure you copy the link and paste it in the form on the next page.

Then click "ENTER" and you'll be entered to potentially win.

And even if you don't win a prize, but you got your affiliate link, you could make some money.

Now THIS is a true win-win-win game, isn't it?

You already won by getting this box, as it has things you want anyways that can empower you to get to your dreams even faster. You can also potentially win a cool prize and make money while you wait to see if you got that. And, your network gets to win as well, since you're helping them improve their finances and potentially make money as well (if they sign up to be an affiliate and they do the work - in the box).

When you got all your ducks in the row (see Steps 1-3) then come back to this page and see section below.

Ready To Enter?

Make sure you have your posting links and then click on the button below.