This video success library will help you become even more successful. Watch the videos to discover what people do for living. Many experts come to the show and share their knowledge on how to dress for success, how to think about your business and what considerations to make when it comes to money. 

Nev shares his views and teaches concepts here. He also interviews people around the world to discover what drives them, how they think, and how we all can model and benefit from their success. Take a look! You may discover a brand new world opening for you. 

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Chief Catalyst

Curious about how people make money doing different things? In this episode we explore what Justin does and why he calls himself...

For the cat lovers out there, Justin shares his views on why it is important to choose your cat wisely. Or as he likes to put it, he allows a cat to choose you!

Want more of Justin? Find Cat Lady Justin here


Terri helps entrepreneurs connect with their audience through heart. We talk how she does that, what techniques she uses, and much more.

Terri shares her view on how to choose a mentor in your life and why you must have one. We talk business and money, so you don't want to miss it.

Connect with Terri on her website or watch the show for special instructions and gifts.

Marketing Magic

Dean helps money magic happen and says that when he opens his mouth, people start throwing money at him. This intrigued me to learn more.

Dean shares his years of experience with others to help them market to their niches and make money doing so. His VIP process is what he talks about here. So, listen carefully!

Want more magic in your life? Find Dean and see if you too can make magic happen.

Color Me Successful

Meet Danielle! She is an image consultant, helping successful people become even more successful, by properly matching their body with perfect colors.

At first I was surprised that color choice of my dress has such a big impact, but Danielle is relentless. She has success stories to prove her point too.

Author, speaker, consultant for big names and commoners like me, she declutters your closet and colors you successful. Get your strategy call here.

No ARMs Please

Most people think money and finance is only for rich people. But it's not! Money affects everyone, all the time.

In this video, I share with you 2 important concepts to keep in mind: 1) Consider tax impact with all you do, 2) Why I say NO to ARMs.

Here I share my recommendations of what you should and should not be doing. 

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The Quality Shows

In what you have on and Eva Barrios will tell you exactly what to wear and what not to wear.

Coming from a long family of fashionistas, this expert shares with her clients and our viewers, what works in the world of style.

From sassy to classy, sexy to demure, she shares what she knows about proper dress, style, and outfits that will render you unforgettable.

Eva can be found on her website, empowering you to stand out well.

Double Your Profits

Meet Eric! He's a nice guy next door and super smart! He is a CPA, read: he knows A LOT about MONEY, my favorite subject.

In this episode, Eric and I geek out on ways to preserve your money, become even more profitable, and strategies to get there.

Eric shares his decades of experience and what he does to help his clients. You will get A TON out of this episode, so watch it NOW (like a few times).

Need Eric's help?! Ask nicely here!

The Woman On Fire

No, not Alicia Keys... I'm talking to Kafi London, a beautiful and inspiring woman who helps smart women be on fire in their lives.

Kafi shares her story of being stuck in corporate world and taking a leap of faith to change her life. This courage allowed her to inspire many women to seek their own passions and profit from it.

This is a super fun show... we talk dance and the dance off challenge is on now.

Know a smart woman that can use some fire? Get it here!

Holistic Health

Join Dr. Michael Posner and I as we take a deep dive into health and medicine.

We talk about physical, mental and emotional health. Dr. P is not only a doctor but a teacher. He does such a great job explaining how our bodies work and what we can do to improve them.

If you wonder whether you have a good posture and want to learn how to improve it, watch the show. You will discover something that made me say "OH?!" Go see what it was.

Get more of Dr. P and healthful help.

Energy Healing

Have you heard of energy and the potential to help you heal your body, mind and spirit? Me too! 

I jumped on a call with Lani Reagan who helped put things in perspective. She shared what she knows about energy and healing and how using the laws of nature (energy) can help us feel better faster.

From health, we shifted into money energy and how that all works. 

Fun and fascinating show. To dynamically heal through energy, click the link.

Decades of Service

Meet Dorothy. She has been in service industry for decades, running and operating her own businesses.

In this episode, Dorothy and I talk about business, importance of insurance, and teaching kids early about business and money.

Dorothy shares strategies that she used for decades, to successfully run and expand her business.

She comes from the place of service and offers to streamline success.

Your Health Matters

You know that and I know that. Because of such importance health plays in our lives, I connected with Dr. Hilda Maldonado to learn more about health and wellness.

As a medical professional and coach for others, Dr. Hilda shares with me (and you) her take on vitality, health, life extension.

This show is chock full of great information and tips. 

To connect with Dr. Hilda, click here.

Connect with your teen

Are you a parent who at times struggles with connecting with your teen? Only a year ago, they listened and wanted to hang out with you, more than anything else in the world.

Now, all they want to do is spend time with their friends. Driving them to school, you now need to drive to an obscure location, a few blocks away and cannot hug or kiss them on their way out.

So, how do you connect with them again? Watch this interview and for more help, connect with Rashmi.

Business Prosperity

I was curious to learn what business can do to ensure greater prosperity. My search lead me to Dave.

Dave has been an entrepreneur for decades and has agreed to share what he does, who he works with, and how he thinks about business.

He shared with me how he finds mentors and one thing that has made a difference in his entrepreneurial life.

All Dave wants to do is help others prosper from an insiders point of view.

Career & You

I'd like you to meet Sonja Price. She is a career coach, specializing in helping you change your career and get paid for what you do.

Sonja and I, co-wrote a book "The Pivot Point System" and we are beyond excited about it.

Sonja shares what she does and why she wrote the book and above all, what's inside.

Watch the video, then CLAIM YOUR FREE COPY NOW.